Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Three Foot Tall

I am not one to normally post music videos (hells I am not one to normally rant about other people *coughs*) but this video has me two fold .. I don't even like "rap"

It has a  really good message .. one that I am sure we can all relate to on one level or another. AND the mini-me in this video ... is a very good friend's son!!!! We are soooooooo proud of him! xoxoxoxo


(I hope the linkie works .. that was difficult to figure it out)

Monday, July 22, 2013


This post is not about me!

This post is about some stupid slapper here that has, ummm, immersed herself in the local community.

Literally wiggling her ass at anybody who looks at her twice .. hells maybe even once. I don't even know her but somehow she keeps popping up in my life.

Hey you want to literally put yourself out there ... your poly or a free agent ... GREAT! Have fun.

But for Gods sake .. remember .. you get what you ask for. Don't expect every Dom Dick & Hairy to want to become your one true Dom. Sure they are going to use you ... that's what you are offering them.

But don't go crying OH WOE IS ME, to anybody who will listen, when these many "Doms"  don't show you the respect you think you deserve or give you what you want.

Cry wolf and never learn from it PEOPLE will stop caring.

Grow up and maybe learn to respect yourself! (BEFORE you get yourself in REAL trouble)

end of rant

Sunday, July 21, 2013


No not like that!!!! My fibromyalgia is just kicking my ass this weekend!!! O.o  (the title got your attention though didn't it!) ;)

There has been SOOOO much that has happened since my last post! It's hard to know where to start.

And now I have apparently been tasked to BLOG!!! o.O   (yes of course that tickles me pink!!)

So apparently 4500+ texts in 10 days IS a good thing!

After spending last weekend at my cottage with friends, it was FINALLY time to meet with my "texting buddy" and I am happy to announce that the 4500+ texts lived up to their promise in real life.

We met last Sunday night for that all important "first meeting" .. we grabbed coffee (yes of course it was Timmies - Tim Horton's best coffee in the world!) and heading down to the canal. It was a very nice place to be able to sit & talk (& cuddle & kiss!!!) ... very private with the exception of a ninja duck!

This past week, we have spent as much time together as we can. Our work schedules are literally opposite of each others. I am a Monday to  Friday, 7am-3pm kinda girl .. he is Thursday to Sunday 12 hour midnight shifts kinda guy. It will take a lot of adjustments for both of us to be able to spend time together .. both vanilla & playtime.

I am enjoying our 0630am morning coffee dates! ;)

So, in a nut shell, in the past week ... I have gained a boyfriend & a Dom!!

And life is GOOD!

lost kittie

PS .. There you go Sir ... task completed BEFORE you woke up .. as promised! xoxoxoxo

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lost Kittie ... FOUND???

Well it has been a whirlwind week for me! Truly amazing.

Update from Freaky Friday ....

Poor CSM has been shelved. I like him alot but he is unavailable ... he is fun & we have become fast friends.  It must be because we are both military - the bond. :)  But he is a little sad.

I feel really bad about Mr D. He was wonderful .. I really did like him. He doesn't really understand why I had to say goodbye and is trying to blame himself. I am trying to be completely honest though .. and I certainly didn't mean to lead him on. Things just happened soooo suddenly!!!

Some things just happen ... so unexpected, so sudden, so amazing.

I mentioned in freaky Friday post that I was mad texting with a male "Sub" .. well I was wrong, he is a Dom, that is curious about his submissive side. He is the wrench in the cog (I think that's how I put it) ...

Well, the text started on Friday (well late Thursday night really .. has NOT stopped .. seriously. I think the text count is at 4000 now. O.O .. in 7 days!!!! I have never talked to ANYBODY so much in all my life.

We talk about everything .. we talk about nothing. We keep finding more & more in common. We connect on sooooo many different levels. It's scary!!! O.O

I am babbling but it's sooo hard to put into words.

I know I know .. it seems almost too good to be true.

I am at the cottage right now ..  hosting a birthday bash this weekend (mine & my wonder "twin" Obi Wam) .. PwP & I are going to go for coffee for the first time on Sunday night when I get home!

I am both excited & scared! .....

Cya all on the flip side! Have a GREAT weekend & wish me luck!!! :D

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Freaky Friday

Apparently it's raining Doms in my world right now. WTF! How does this even happen? I like meeting people too much I guess.

So yesterday, I talked with CSM ... like I always do. He is not very happy that he only had a "taste" before being "replaced". I feel bad for that because he is a great guy & I will always be grateful for his err .. helping hand when I really needed it. But he is not free & he cannot give me what I really need. We both knew this but we are friends & you can never have too many friends.

And then there is Mr D .. the new Dom. I was texting with him off and on ... all day yesterday as well. To say we hit if off immediately is an understatement (I know I do still have to write about our first date - and now the second as well). There is great potential there for something long term & lasting. Something that i have been looking for.

But now there is a wrench in the cog. A couple of weeks ago I got a message on CollarMe from a male sub. Really nice guy ... he kinda helped me tweak my profile a bit. And we chatted a little. I hadn't talked to him since but decided to check in with him on Thursday night to find out how his "hunt" goes. We have now started to text to each other ...

And we have been texting almost constantly since. I think we went for a record 17 hour conversation yesterday!!! I even passed out on  him for 4 hours but as soon as I woke up we resumed the conversation .. then I went to bed & we resumed the conversation this morning (he was working a 12 hour shift ... just done now)... we are chatting now as he is on his way home. Then hopefully he will go to bed!

We talked about everything & nothing. From politics to Star Wars, to what we want, & who we are. He is exploring his submissive side but has been a Dom for years.

The words just tumble out effortlessly and time has had no meaning. And it has been wonderful.

.. and has left me confused. Not in a bad way but confused all the same.

So little Lost Kittie who started this blog feeling so lost & alone in this lifestyle when her former Dom left her ... now is .. not lost .. but well, ... life certainly is always interesting isn' it? :D

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So ....

.. I have a date tonight. It just happened this afternoon. Somebody I met on Collar Me. We have been talking off & on for about a month now. Somebody who is unattached and who loves how my mind works! O.O

Soooooo nervous!

Wish me luck .............

Spectre of the Past 3

Sir: "You just gave me the best fucking orgasm of my life!"

.. and then he walked out of my life forever.

Monday, July 1, 2013


That's alot of SPANKS! ;) 

And never forget this about Canadian girls! 

UPDATE .... I couldn't possibly leave out the Canadian Boys now could I!!!! 

Have a GREAT CANADA DAY everybody!!!