Thursday, June 26, 2014

Maple Leaf to Lone Star

"All my bags are packed
And I'm ready to go"

Tra la la la la

I am about to head to the airport.

I'm going to go see my Wolf in his natural habitat & I am soooo excited!!!

Wait .... Average temp is around 105F you say!!!


Never fear, my Wolf has promised to keep me chained to his bed for most of the 6 day visit! YAAAAY!

And Thank the Maker for air conditioning!!!!

But first ....

The Alamo!!!!

(Keep it kinky, people!)

gk out!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Bloggity, blog, blog blog!!

Why do we blog?!?!?

... And open ourselves up to ridicule.

Why do people think they have a right to command, to judge us?

Why do people think they know us?

... just because we write SOME of our experiences & SOME of feelings down, or post the photos that we like (tumblr)

If people are so sure they know who we are, that they can offer criticism, judge us, call us liars, dillusional & every other negative thing out there ...

... Why do they hide behind the anonymous mask?

Cowardly blow hards ... So quick to judge, to make fun of us, to chastise, to condemn.

You don't impress anybody here.

I blog for me. It helps to make sense of things that happen & things that I feel.

I don't do it for anybody else.

I don't care if people like me or not.

It's not like I don't appreciate feed back or the friends that I have made thru blogging because I do.

It's an extra bonus!

If it weren't for bloggers (and that ONE who really helped me in the early days) I probably would not be in this lifestyle & would be miserable.

So dear greyfaces out there:

If you do NOT have the balls to say something to our face, please go crawl back under your rock.
Nobody wants to hear your cowardly squeaks

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Slip of the Tongue

I don't really know what possessed me to do it & as soon as I did, I started giggling.

That look on his face, had me dancing away, laughing out loud!

(backtrack at bit)

Sir Wolf got the news last Thursday, or the email & his plane ticket. He was going back to Texas on Sunday! He had expected to stay in Pennsylvania for the summer! *sighs* Such is the nature of his work! Anyway, on Friday, he rented a car & drove 5 hours & one border crossing , JUST to say "goodbye". It was essentially a 24 hour visit.

So really, what did make me stick out my tongue at him, like I did? *giggles*

I don't know who was more surprised? Me or Him? Through my giggles, I did manage to squeak out an apology .. or two. But the "damage" was done.

The result???

I was collared & cuffed. Hands locked to the rings of my collar. Clips on nipples (really my nipple clamps just will not stay on ... so we use "chip" clips that I have). I am standing between his legs as he sits on the edge of the bed & looks up at me.

The wand is turned on high and jammed between my legs. Thank goodness his inner thighs are there to support me because almost instantaneously my legs turn to jello. He moves the wand around ... just to make me twitch & jump. And a flick of a clip, sent a different kind of shiver thru my body. Oh, the SMILE on His face.

And then, before either of us expected it! GUSH! Oh I squirted alright ... down my legs, down his legs .. all over the floor! OH MY! It was so sudden it shocked both of us.

I don't believe in being deliberately bad, for the sake of getting "punished" or for attention. But I can see .. it definitely has it's merits! ;)

Hmmmm, is that what "funishment" is like???!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

... Now what?

My Sir Wolf came as promised. And we had a wonderful time, both vanilla & kinky.

He brought me my new day collar which I only take off for showering & dishes.

Those 3 days were wonderful & magical & not long enough. We are counting the days til the next visit.

But ....

I have been sitting here all week, not knowing what to write about! There is so much to say .. I couldn't possibly put it all into words!

It's funny that I find it so hard to write about it now.

Maybe because I have never really talked too much about the present ... all my musings have been of things past and opportunities lost

Now, here I am in a happy, healthy, mutually beneficial D/s relationship .. well really, a relationship I have been waiting for, for my whole life. And for once ... I am tongue tied!