Thursday, March 1, 2018

I Don't Get It! (and don't like it much either)

Ok so, I have been back on tumblr for a couple of weeks & saw that the Wolf was back at it ... with a new "love of his life" "best thing that ever happened to him" (second one in 2 years)

... and I lurked, for most of those couple of weeks, watching what he posted & what she posted (so comical how much alike she & I are).

I knew I shouldn't .. just shove him in to the past & never look back (I have learned that I hold grudges & am not good at the whole forgive & forget thing) & so I finally did it on Sunday ... unfollowed his tumblr.

And it felt good. I didn't have to see his (or hers) shit come across my tumblr anymore. I liked it.

Then late last night .... He starts following me! WTF!?!?!?!?!?


I mean when he dropped me .. he literally threw me to the curb & never looked back. Not a peep from him, was ever heard again (not even when 2 days after he dropped me, my Grandmother dies & I just really needed, at the very least, his condolences .. that he still cared even just a little bit). But nope, nadda, zilch!

I mean it's been well over 2 years. There are thousands of tumblrs out there with much better pages than mine. So why????

Oh I know I should block him (and I will) but that curious cat in me keeps saying "not yet. Let's see what he does next. We NEED our REVENGE (aka closure)"


But really ... I just don't understand why he would feel the need to do that.


  1. because that's what jerks do. they play this game of emotional blackmail. you unfollow. he follows you then when you don't reciprocate with "oh hi, yeah sure we can be friends" they turn it around and make you look like the bad guy.

    BLOCK HIM NOW. im serious. i used to do this shit. i've learnt my lesson. it was hard. but in one fell swoop i unfollowed and blocked and unfriended ALL the exes in my life that were basically being shits to me. And i was a whole lot happier after that.

    And i love you.

  2. Sorry to hear he seems to still hold 'real estate' in your heart and mind. Personally I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of blocking him. This way he'll never even know if you noticed or care if he is following you. If you do he'll suspect it means so much more. But meh- that is just me. If you need to do it to move on, by all means ...

    On a different note, happy it at least brought you back.


    PS how about this weather!!!

  3. He's doing it purely to fuck with you. Don't play that game. Block him.

  4. I am leaving it for now. See what happens. But don't worry Fondles, I have nothing but contempt for him now ... I have no intentions of initiating any sort of dialogue with him, let alone letting him back "in". I no longer follow his blog either so anything that happens is purely him. I almost dare him to contact me .... I don't think he would like the reception he would get. I don't know what his thoughts are .. I don't really care.

    I like the way you think Willie ... as long as he doesn't try to contact me, I will leave him be & let him fucking wonder.

    And yeah .. this weather has been amazing .. to amazing, it's kinda scaring me! ;) But please, NO MORE FREEZING RAIN!!!!!

    1. frig- I jinxed us with the weather comment! Oh well at least we will have sun for a bit ( knock on wood) even if it is freezing!!!! lol