Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why is that?

Why is it that when I (as a sub) am "horny" (really hate that word) & there is nobody around to take care of my needs .... do I not just want to masturbate but I want it all ... to be beaten (self inflicted but directed ouchies), plugged, clamped, stuffed with dildo to the hilt, gagged, bound AND then take my wand & go to town???? (and even then it's still not as much fun alone)

Why??? Anybody?

(yes myBatman is still around, just uber busy at the moment)


  1. because it's not the physiological release you're horny for? it's the intimacy with another human person? I'm just guessing here.

  2. Yeah ... it's just no fun with no one to play with (whether irl or not)

  3. I also hate the word horny.

    Playing by yourself is just a band-aid. It's not the same...

  4. Why? Would you have offered your assist??? ;)